Karting: No Longer Relegated to the Amusement Park, By Curtis Lyman

March 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Karting, also known as go-kart racing, is a competitive motor sport that continues to expand in scope, attracting about 100,000 American participants every year. Karting is a popular choice for the novice car driver or motor-sport enthusiast looking to train for more advanced racing, since it is relatively inexpensive and yet provides a high level of challenge. Several professional race-car drivers, including Tony Stewart and Danica Patrick, began their careers on go-karts. Because karting is also a safe sport, organized events are open to children as young as five, and at the age of seven they can begin formal training. 25 states in the U.S. offer high-end tracks deemed by the World Karting Association as Master Tracks, but there are many non-designated indoor and outdoor Kart Tracks that are sufficient for recreational karters.

As Managing Director of the Lyman Group, High Tower Advisors, Curtis Lyman provides financial services and investment advice to a growing clientele. In his leisure time, he enjoys a number of outdoor sports, including skiing, cycling, and karting.


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